Always musically far ahead of their time, Arrogance established a genre and an approach that broke ground for all rock bands to come. They were an indie band before there were such things as indie bands!

Don Dixon and Robert Kirkland started playing in a dorm room in Chapel Hill in 1969. They soon added keyboardist Marty Stout, drummer Scott Davison and guitarist Rod Abernethy and coined their cocky name as a reference to their ability to upstage other bands. But their confidence also extended to their insistence on playing only original music. Performing their tight harmonies, intelligent tunes and clever lyrics with passion and ingenuity, they soon had a huge following through out the Carolinas and Virginia. Arrogance is a great live band.

The first two albums, Give Us a Break in 1973 and Prolepsis 1975 were both self-produced and self-released an extraordinarily innovative concept at that time. Recordings that followed were Rumors (Vanguard, 1976). Suddenly (Warner/Curb, 1980) and Lively (Moonlight,1981).

Not receiving the national attention they had hoped for and discouraged with the major label bureaucracy, Arrogance disband in 1983, only to reunite for a successful 30-Year Reunion Celebration in 2000 and the re-release of their catalog. In 2002, The 511 Record (GAFF) of previously recorded but unreleased music, came out to rave reviews and demands from fans to keep the music alive. Since then, Arrogance has continued to perform. Their influence and legacy lingers as does the love and dedication of their many fans.

Arrogance, the greatest band you have never heard of. . . until now.
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