This band is a rumor in their own time. -LIZARD BIZARRE

Dennis Yost and the Classics IV. 1975. Chapel Hill. Traces, Spooky, Stormy, Every Day With You, played to record-like perfection and all that I can remember is that this was the first time I saw Arrogance, who opened for them in the Tin Can on UNC campus. -MATT BARRETT

'70s in Chapel Hill, going to see Arrogance was practically a rite of passage . . . Arrogance Reigns Supreme -THE INDEPENDENT WEEKLY (click here to read entire article)

After 20 years have passed, it may amaze the first-time listener that they didn't succeed, since the song writing quality is so good, with catchy melodies and clever lyrics, the playing is sterling, the singing by Don Dixon and Robert Kirkland makes up one of those classic vocal combinations . . . an unjustly forgotten regional band that deserved better. . . WILLIAM RUHLMANN, The 5’11” Record Review -ALL MUSIC GUIDE (click here to read entire article)

Everybody that gets out there and plays original songs at the Cat's Cradle and puts out their own records is following in Arrogance's footsteps in North Carolina . . . GODFREY CHESHIRE, The Sound & The Fury -THE INDEPENDENT WEEKLY (click here to read entire article)

They weren't aggressive enough to be frightening, yet they were very powerful and played better than just about anybody. . . . They weren't too far a field from your favorite James Taylor record, but a lot more kick-ass than that. . . PETER HOLSAPPLE, A Thing of the Past –NEWS & OBSERVER (click here to read entire article)

But the musicians understood: This was not about fashion. It was about music — and the constant imperative to trash boundaries. . . GODFREY CHESHIRE, 25 Years of Music Memories -THE INDEPENDENT WEEKLY (click here to read entire article)
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